Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Don't We: Style Statement

In my previous post, I wrote about the Great American Apparel Diet, which you can view here.

In a nutshell, its a movement started by a group of American women (and even a few men!) who vowed not to buy any piece of clothing for one whole year, either as a response to consumerism, cut nonsensical spending, simplify their wardrobe, reduce the closet clutter, or lessen one's carbon footprint, with their efforts to be documented in a blog.

I've decided to join this movement as a response to a (consumerism), b (cut spending), c (simplify the wardrobe), d (reduce closet clutter) and basically to simplify one's life and to try to get to my true self.  And, as the Great American Apparel Diet points out: "who are we without something hip and new in our closets?  We shall see." 

I started last April 5, 2013.  I am on Day 2 and still have 363 days to go. 

For those who want to embark on this journey to simplicity and finding fulfillment and happiness outside of H&M (just my favorite clothing brand in the world), then let me share a book / "movement" I've read a while back (more like 3 years ago) that will definitely put things in perspective by helping you discover the things that most represent you.

Its called the Style Statement. 

If you ever wondered why a dress still makes you feel uncomfortable even if it fits you perfectly, or why you can't muster up the excitement for a trip to a certain destination, or why you have a hard time dragging yourself out of bed in the morning for your job even if everything is bright and chirpy with your career?

It all means that your inner self is not in sync with the choices you have made or are available to you.  It is your inner self's protest -- that what you chose may not be what you really want.

The Style Statement are just two words, but two "profoundly magical words" that will reveal your TRUE personal style. As the book / blog defines it:  "Your Style Statement helps you make choices that accurately reflect and support the real You. When applied, it becomes a lifelong mantra, allowing you to make authentic choices that make you feel powerful and joyful. Your Style Statement is where your essence meets your expression." 

Coming from a person who shops a lot and ends up wearing most of the items once or twice, resulting with a closet full of clutter and a wallet on the brink of bankruptcy, this book could spell the difference between a life well-lived and a life that runs on a double jeopardy of emptiness -- empty in the bank, empty in satisfaction.

I was lucky to have found the book in the bargain bin of National Bookstore.  Originally priced at PHP 979, it was discounted further to PHP 300. And, I now discovered upon writing / researching for this blog, that a Jumpstart Session (which you can avail in their blog) cost US$ 150. It was all just kismet for a newly-minted penny-pinching gal like me. 

The book is filled with people's Style Statements, including a rundown of the things they love, inspiration, philosophy among many other things.  

In between these pages are questionnaires, exploring your likes / dislikes, interests, passions, skills, talents, finances, purpose in life among many others (even mundane things like favorite flower!).  It also has worksheets and helpful tips on how you can arrive with your Style Statement. 

Writing this blog and looking back at the answers I wrote down three years ago, I realized that my TRUE choices remain the same no matter how much time has already elapsed as evidenced by this blog entry of mine made a day ago.

  • For starters, I still have Audrey Hepburn as a peg.  

  • My style buzz words are still "Tailored, Simple, Classic, Clean, Minimalist." 

  • I still champion basics: white long-sleeved shirts, black tailored jackets, well-cut shirt dresses.
  • My dream shoes are still Miu Miu. 
  • My answer to the question, "If I Could Wear One Outfit for the Rest of My Life," is a description of the photo of Kate Middleton's outfit, which I chose as a peg for the blog entry.

Its just oh-so consistent. Even with a 3-year gap.

And, come to think of it, the items that are in constant rotation in my closet are those that fit the descriptions above. Those are also the items, which I get a lot of compliments from.  

So, if I have already discovered my Style Statement 3 years ago, why didn't I abide in it?

Well, call it being human.  We make mistakes.  We fall off the wagon.  

But we should get right back in.  And, we should continue where we left off. 

So its important to reflect and look back every now and then to see if we're still on track, if we're still aligned with our inner self's True North.  


Want to find out my Style Statement?  It will be the topic in my next blog entry.  Watch out for it!

Do you have a Style Statement?  Share it with me in the comments section of this blog entry (or the next!).  I want to hear all about it!


Me, Version 2.OH!



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